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An Autarch




Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vehicles: A Rule I'd Like to See Fixed in 6th

I know it's a couple years early to be talking a about 6th but it is an inevitablity we all must endure so I'm puting my opinion in on what I'd like to see changed.

Namely what should be counted as a defensive weapon on a vehicle.

in previous edition it was strength 5 or less which was fine by my opinion

in the current edition it's now strength 4 or less which is also fine however some weapons become defensive that shouldn't e.g. frag/plasma missiles and vice versa some weapons are no longer defensive that should be e.g. heavy flamers.

I think the following rule would be a better solution:

Rapid Fire and Assault (Edit: and Pintle Mounted) weapons are defensive, Heavy weapons are primary.

quite simple if a standard infantry model could fire the weapon on the move unaided then so can a vehicle.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The many forms of Wraithlord

Wraithlords are the embodiment of fallen heroes; Exarches, Autarches, Witches, etc of the pass returned to fight for their craftworld again. Each Wraithlord is tailored for that heroes preferred method of fighting.

In total there are 78 different weapon combinations for Wraithlords and over 500 different ways of mounting the weapons, add in conversions and the possiblities are endless.

With so many combinations it can be hard to decide what kind of Wraithlord to make let alone how to model it to capture the style of it's hero's soul.

One way to do it is to select a path to follow and build around that path.

Some of the paths to consider are:

Dire Avenger: Dual: Shuriken Weaponry.

Howling Banshee: Close Combat: Anti-Heavy Infantry and template "screams".

Fire Dragon: Ranged: Heat Weapons and anti-Armour.

Striking Scorpion: Close Combat: Anti-Swarm.

Dark Reaper: Ranged: Missiles and Anti-Heavy Infantry.

Swooping Hawk: Ranged: Lasers and Templates.

Warp Spider: Ranged: Anti-Swarm.

Shining Spear: Dual: Brightlances,Shuriken Weaponry, Wraithswords.

Ranger: Ranged: Single Shot Lasers.

Witch: Dual: Templates and Wraithswords.

Pilot: Ranged: Dual Purpose Combinations.

Autarch: All of the above and any missed.

Wraithlords Young and Old

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Future Avatar of Khaine: my thoughts and Triskele Conversion

Once again I'm talking about ways to improve the Avatar... well not so much as improve, more like balancing him with simular creatures i.e. Greater Daemons

As I mentioned before the no brainer is to replace "Molten Body" with "Eternal Warrior"

however I've been doing some math (shock horror!) and I still don't like the odds against simular daemons in close combat.

*Numbers Alert*

Chance winning a round of close combat:

Bloodthirster > Avatar by 48%

Keeper of Secrets > Avatar by 14%

Lord of Change < Avatar by 5%

Great Unclean One < Avatar by 12%

that's without factoring who is assaulting, iniative, wounds or abilities

though being beaten narrowly by a Slaanesh greater daemon makes sense (though if the other factors were included the odds quickly stack against the Avatar) being owned by the Bloodthirster by such a margin does not.

so after doing several pages of math I have come up with the following changes to the Avatar:

Stats change: +1A

Additional Rules: "Always hits on a 3+", "Counterattack"

*Numbers Alert*

Chance winning a round of close combat:

Bloodthirster > Avatar by 25%

Keeper of Secrets < Avatar by 2%

Lord of Change < Avatar by 16%

Great Unclean One < Avatar by 28%

that's without factoring who is assaulting, iniative, wounds or other abilities


By doing these changes the Avatar; whilst still the under dog will have a fighting chance against the bloodthirster, be roughly on par (if a little under due to iniative) with the Keeper of Secrets and have the edge over non-warrior greater daemons.

This would also provide more entertainment as the winner will not be so clearly defined before the battle begins.

Additional Notes

For thoses who are curious about my math I used this simple group of equations

%Wounds/Attack = 100(Chance of Hit x Chance of Wound x Chance of Armour Fail)

%Wounds/Round = Number of Attacks x %Wounds/Attack

%Win Margin = Attacker 1 (%Wounds/Round) - Attacker 2 (%Wounds/Round)

Banshee Triskele

I'm currently working on another tutorial, this time for the Triskele. I'll post it when it's done however in the meantime to see my progress so far follow this link:

Custodes Eternal: Banshee Triskele Tutorial

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Future Eldar Codex: My Thoughts Pt 3

Once again I'm thinking... I wonder what qualifications I need to get a job at the big GW?

I've also been thinking Eldar again

more importantly the Avatar

One rule I would drop right of the hammer is the immunity to heat weapons, This isn't warhammer fantasy we don't normally factor in elements with our weapons so this rule should be scrapped.

Instead they should give the Avatar "Eternal Warrior" to be on par with other daemons.

Speaking of daemons I was a little insulted when I read through the greater daemon list and saw that the bloodthirster has a WS of 10 I mean sheesh if I didn't know better I'd say there is a lack of communication between the fluff writers and the rule writers

each greater daemon has it's own aspect of war:

Bloodthirster: Slaughter; large number of high strength attacks.

Keeper of Secrets: Temptation and pain; makes the opponent drop their guard then puts them in a world of hurt.

The Unclean One: Disease and endurance; weaken the opponent whilst taking every hit.

Lord of Change: Magic; Ranged combat, psychic powers,


Avatar of Khaine: War Mastery; Skillful strikes and parries, inspiring commander

The bloodthirster has encroached on the Khaine's territory so that is something that needs to be fixed

perhaps always hits on a 3+ can only be hit on a 5+ in close combat regardless of weapon skill? that way Khaine will still keep his war mastery.

Because of his WS this boost is a minor thing and thus combined with Eternal Warrior easily makes up for the loss of his immunity to heat weapons.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Purifier Pics

It's got to the stage that I've given up on chapter fluff, trying to work it out is giving me a headache.

Here's some more pics of my repainted chapter

Angelus in the new scheme

Angelus the New Scheme

Scouts the New Look

Scouts the New Look

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Future Eldar Codex: My Thoughts Pt 2

More thoughts on things I'd like to see changed for Eldar

Farseer Powers


instead of re-roll armour saves, re-roll successful to hit rolls against that unit in the opponents shooting phase.
This would better reflect the description and adds to the Eldars elusive nature.

Warlock Powers

Wraithsong (bongsinger)

pick a unit or vehicle within 6", if psychic test is passed then that unit gets +1 to all saving throws until the next Eldar turn (an unmodified 1 still fails though). If the target is a vehicle then -1 to dice rolls made on the vehicle damage chart (to the minimum of 1)until the next Eldar turn.

Court of the Young King

An addition to what I have previously wrote

Exarches may choose any wargear of their aspect but may not have any warrior powers.

Warriors of Khaine; the Court of the Young King and any Autarch with it have the Furious Charge and Counter Attack universal rules.

Warp Spiders

Surprise Assault: Warp Spiders get the Scout rule.


An expansion on what I previously wrote

5-10 Rangers

Wargear: Camocloak, Eldar Long Rifle, Shuriken Pistol

Special Rules: Fleet.


1 ranger may be upgraded to Pathfinder (+1WS,BS,I,A,Ld,Sv)

The Pathfinder may replace his long rifle with:
a Pinpoint Rifle
(Ap 1 on a 4+)
for 10pts

or a Prism Rifle:
(Rg:48" Str:X Ap:3 Heavy1Sniper) /
(Rg:48" Str:4 Ap:5 Heavy1Blast)
for 20pts.

may take a Poison Knife for 10pts

Warrior Powers:
Master of Stealth: Stealth, Infiltrate universal rules

Pathfinder: Scout, Move Through Cover universal rules

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Future Eldar Codex: My Thoughts Pt 1

These are just some of the changes I'd like to see in the future Eldar Codex:

Misc' Wargear changes:

Universal Wargear

Plasma Grenades: either both offensive and defensive to match description and/or boost to strength 5 against vehicles like in 4th edition.

Wargear for Warlocks and Exarches:

Waystones: a unit with a waystone doesn't need to be in range or los to benefit from a farseers psychic power

HQ changes:


Runestaff: a two handed power weapon, if the farseer can cast a second power the farseer can cast the same power twice.

Forewarn power: Range 6", a unit that this power is cast on may make a free round of shooting at a unit arriving from reserve in the following opponents turn however if they choose to do this they may not fire in the next eldar turn.
(Amendment made based on sonsoftaurus's comment)


+1 Iniative and Leadership to match aspect warriors.

Spiritseer becomes a power not an upgrade.

Bonesinger becomes a power.

Enhance adds 1 to ballistic skill as well.


Master Strategist: replace "has a strategy rating of 4" with "can steal the iniative on a 5+"

Witchblade becomes an option.

Court of the Young King:

A honour guard for the Autarch

3-10 Exarches

Shrine Leaders: for each exarch in the court the player may take a bonus unit of that exarches aspect, this unit doesn't take up any force slots.

Troop Changes:


Pathfinders become like exarches for rangers with exarch like stats. Pathfinder and master of stealth rules becomes its powers and Poison pack (poison close combat attacks)one of it's weapon upgrades.

Fast Attack Changes:

Warp Spiders:

Death spinners gain rending (if the nightspinner is anything to go by this is confirmed)

Roll a D6 on second movement and on a 1 lose a member instead of 2D6 and a double. Allow full 12" movement, more worth the risk especially with autarches.

Heavy Support Changes:


Wraithcannon an optional replacement for flamers/shuriken catapults.

Support Weapons

Shadow weaver gains rending.(if the nightspinner is anything to go by this is confirmed)

Craftworld tailoring rules for characters

Biel-Tan: Aspects count as scoring units.

Saim-Hann: all Jetbikes and skimmers gain the scout rule.

Ulthw'e: All psykers may take an additional power.

Alaitoc: May steal the iniative on a 3+.

Iyanden: All psykers add 6" to see if they are in range for wraithsight.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fall of the Jade Dragons: Rise of The Purifiers

Skaldans Betrayal

41M the Jade Dragons were destroyed by the force of chaos and the betrayal of Chief Librarian Skaldan Duelgun. For years, unknown to the chapter Skaldan had been affected by Frost Blight a terrible disease that physically mimics the effects of frost bite on the flesh and slows the bodies functions. It's unknown how he escaped notice for so long. But it is suspected that the 3rd company commander Ulric Fergus was involved. Skaldan subtly corrupted the men under him and allowed unfit recruits into the ranks of the chapter.

The 1st company commander Lachlan Reman began to suspect that something was amiss when he accidently scanned a squad of new recruits with his Eye of Omissiah only to find that they had an unsually slow heart beat.

After informing the Chapter Master Sholto Morag the entire chapter was recalled back to Neptunus Prime IV for re-evaluation with the co-operation of ordos hereticus inquisitor Abraham. it was here that Skaldan reveal himself and the chapter was split usunder.

a 2/5 of the Chapter had been affected by Frost Blight and were the thrall of Skaldan.

another 2/5 were selfish renegades.

it was only by the combined efforts of the 1st and 7th Companies with the aid of the Neptunus Sector Defence Forces and the Order of the Cleansing Tear that the rebelion was quelled. But at a terrible Cost...

Rise of the Purifiers

The Jade Dragons were declared Excommuticate Traitoris.
Sholto Morag blamed himself for the fall and offered himself for execution providing those still loyal were spared.

In an act of penance the remaining loyalists removed their shoulder pads and burned them.

Lachlan Reman was renamed Master of the Purifiers and all companies adopted the Red and Grey of the 1st Company.

New look Captain

New Look Captain

New look captain

A new look

New Symbol Vanguard

New symbol Termies

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Jade Dragons

Neptunus IV

The Jade Dragons are a late founding chapter from the Rogal Dorn geneseed and like others of their lineage they are incredible stubborn, none more so then their Landspeeder squadrons and Landspeeder Dragon Knights who are by reputation first into the fray and last to leave... Even when the battle is a lost cause.

4th Captain and Land Speeders

In the odd occasion that the Chapter fights as one it divide it self into 2 seperate fleets;

the fast raiding force "Dragon's Breath"

8th Captain

and the slower Siege force "Dragon's Claw"

9th Captain and Devastators

each has it's own masters of the chapter and own way of battle.

Traditionally the Master of the Chapter: Templar Supreme Sholto Morag stands apart from the two masters of the chapter squads leading both with his Honour Guard.


the 1st company bear the terrible shame of killing the former master, 3/4 of their own and all the recruits stationed on the planet when they were ordered to commit exterminatus on their fortress world because the planet got infected with a chaos plague.

10th Captain and Scouts

Though it was a sacrifice the master willing gave the 1st company veterans feel that they can no longer wear the colours of their chapter instead adopting a grey, red and white scheme.

1st Captain and Vanguards

The 7th Company has strong ties with the Inquisition and are called upon by the chapter to clear any and all honour debts the chapter may have with the inquisition or other chapters.

7th Captain and Retinue

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Farseer


Terminator Angelus

Fabian Hildebrand cringed at the monitor; on the ground his men were being cut down by tau artillery while the terminators were being out manoeuvred and out gunned by the crisis suits as they tried to navigate their way through swamp.

To the sky; the mighty thunder hawks and drop pods were being shot down before their cargo could disembark thanks to the Tau's advanced anti air system.

To make matters worse the Tau had deployed a sophisticated teleport jamming system, the marines on ground had fallen into the cunningly planned trap with no hope for reinforcements...

In this hour of desperation Fabian told the techmarines to modify his Terminator armour for atmospheric re-entry. The techmarines set forth to modify his armour. They removed the teleport system to make way for a dual jumppack system and tweeked the shields to compensate for the extreme heat of atmospheric re-entry.

In his new Terminator suit Fabian gazed at the planet below.

Now it was time to bring the fight to the Tau...

Terminator Angelus

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shadow of the Deathjester


Space Pup

Space Pup

Constructing Chainsabres

As those who play Eldar will note a few of the Eldar kits fail to deliver certain pieces of equipment Chainsabres being one of them so here is how to convert your own Striking Scorpion Exarch with Chainsabres

What you will need:

1x Striking Scorpion Exarch body

1x Striking Scorpion Chainsword

1x Storm Guardian Chainsword

2x Shuriken pistols (preferably from a Dire Avengers kit)

1x 25mm round base



(I don't have the WIP anymore but I do have some photoshop magic)

first cut the ammo clips (!be careful here you will need the ammo clips later!) and grips off the pistols then file the area under the pistols body smooth.

Glue pistols to the outer forearms and use greenstuff to blend the pistols to the arms.

Glue ammo clips to the outer sides of the pistol (I put them slightly under the pistol but personal perference).

Glue Exarch body to base then glue arms to body.

Paint and base your new model

One I prepared earlier: