Friday, December 30, 2011

Gone Renegade

Well well it's been a while In any case on with the show

Most recently I've managed to write up a Lost and Damned fandex, why? Because it looked like it would be fun to do any who here's the link enjoy:

The Lost And the Damned: The Mutant, The Witch, The Heretic

caught between the forces of the Imperium, Chaos and Xenos the armies of the Lost and the Damned fight for their own sense of Independence.

In that sense this Fandex reflects a force that has fallen from the graces of the Imperium but has not quite fallen to Chaos or Xenos. It has none of the discipline of the Imperial Guard nor does it have the firepower. They can have Daemon support but can only attract the lowest of the low. The only the real fuel that feeds their armies is the carnage they bring to the battlefield.

And what a fuel it is; as is true with any rebellion if you give them an inch they will take a mile, as your enemies fall your strength grows, Steeling your resolve, sharpening your wit and even drawing fresh troops and daemons to the battlefield.

But if numbers alone can not win the day then do not fear for they also have powerful allies, specialists and jerry rigged constructs to aid them. A renegade marine squad is a powerful force toughened through independence and very well equipped, Saboteurs ensure that the enemies reserves do not arrive where or when they want them; if they arrive at all and jerry rigs like the innovative Cossack and ungainly Goliath bring firepower to the field.

Special thanks to Sonsoftaurus for helping me with the rules design.