Monday, December 31, 2012

Updating the Tau

Well happy new year to one and all.

Just updating to Tau to 6th edition, however rather then writing a full fandex I've made a list of amendments and datasheets based on the 4th edition book so you will still need the book to use these lists.


Omit Honour Guard from the Ethereal's entry the new Bond Brothers will forefill that role.

Omit all Kroot and Vespid units; they are now allies and will have their own lists.

Move pathfinders from Fast Attack to Troops.

Add the Barracuda (Apocalypse) to Fast Attack; it has 3 Hull Points.

Caste Support
Fire Caste Bond Brothers
Earth Caste Engineer
Allied Detachment Kroot
Allied Detachment Vespid

Well I hope you enjoy these amendments.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I'm back with thoughts to spare

Well I've finally returned to this Maelstrom of battles and after grabbing a copy of 6th edition it's safe to say that (When combined with the 6th edition amendments) the new rules really are quite fun to play... though I've found the challenge rule seems a bit out of place and easy to abuse and Deny the Witch seems illogical for the most part but hey I'll roll with it; after all with the new vehicle rules, flyers, chariots and weapon rules that all seem to work a treat there is very little to complain about really.

Probably the one thing that is most impressive is the new Allied Matrix; I see a massive potentual for expansion in the Allied Detachment field in the form of specialised detachments(One of these specialised detachments included a small army of Grey Knights or perhaps Blood Angels coming in on a Stormraven to claim a critical objective.) In Addition the inclusion of Allied detachments has opened the door for the smaller armies that Games Workshop makes but then tosses them inside larger armies otherwise they would be unplayable; Armies such as the Inquisition, the Harlequins and the Kroot can now stand independent as they meant to be. Since this is my first post in such a long time let me leave you with a little taste of what could be potentually the next mission book installment:

Special Rules: The following Allied detachments have the Critical Mission rule. (Below)

Critical Mission: If objectives markers are used then nominate one objective; if this allied detachment claims that objective it is worth double victory points. If objective markers are not used then this allied detachment gains double victory points for achieving any of the following secondary objectives: First Blood, Line Breaker, Slay the Warlord. However should this allied detachment fail in it's objective or didn't score any of the above secondary objective then the opponent gets three victory points for robbing the objective.

Simplified Examples of specialist allied detachments (Note all of these use the same allied chart as their parent codex, parent codices are treated as battle brothers):

Inquisition: (Parent Codex: Grey Knights)
HQ: Inquisitor or Inquisitor Character
Elites: Assassin
Troops: Henchmen
Fast Attack: Valkyrie Assault Carrier (Codex: Imperial Guard)

Harlequin: (Parent Codex: Eldar)
HQ: Autarch
Troops and Elite: Harlequin troupe
Heavy: a squad of 3-5 Death Jesters and 0-1 Shadowseer

Kroot: (Parent Codex: Tau)
HQ: Kroot Shaper
Troops: Kroot Carnivore Squad (Minus Shaper, Hounds and Krootox)
Fast Attack: a squad of 6-12 Kroot Hounds
Heavy: a squad of 1-3 Krootox riders

Well that's it for now, enjoy.