Friday, June 18, 2010

Fall of the Jade Dragons: Rise of The Purifiers

Skaldans Betrayal

41M the Jade Dragons were destroyed by the force of chaos and the betrayal of Chief Librarian Skaldan Duelgun. For years, unknown to the chapter Skaldan had been affected by Frost Blight a terrible disease that physically mimics the effects of frost bite on the flesh and slows the bodies functions. It's unknown how he escaped notice for so long. But it is suspected that the 3rd company commander Ulric Fergus was involved. Skaldan subtly corrupted the men under him and allowed unfit recruits into the ranks of the chapter.

The 1st company commander Lachlan Reman began to suspect that something was amiss when he accidently scanned a squad of new recruits with his Eye of Omissiah only to find that they had an unsually slow heart beat.

After informing the Chapter Master Sholto Morag the entire chapter was recalled back to Neptunus Prime IV for re-evaluation with the co-operation of ordos hereticus inquisitor Abraham. it was here that Skaldan reveal himself and the chapter was split usunder.

a 2/5 of the Chapter had been affected by Frost Blight and were the thrall of Skaldan.

another 2/5 were selfish renegades.

it was only by the combined efforts of the 1st and 7th Companies with the aid of the Neptunus Sector Defence Forces and the Order of the Cleansing Tear that the rebelion was quelled. But at a terrible Cost...

Rise of the Purifiers

The Jade Dragons were declared Excommuticate Traitoris.
Sholto Morag blamed himself for the fall and offered himself for execution providing those still loyal were spared.

In an act of penance the remaining loyalists removed their shoulder pads and burned them.

Lachlan Reman was renamed Master of the Purifiers and all companies adopted the Red and Grey of the 1st Company.

New look Captain

New Look Captain

New look captain

A new look

New Symbol Vanguard

New symbol Termies

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Jade Dragons

Neptunus IV

The Jade Dragons are a late founding chapter from the Rogal Dorn geneseed and like others of their lineage they are incredible stubborn, none more so then their Landspeeder squadrons and Landspeeder Dragon Knights who are by reputation first into the fray and last to leave... Even when the battle is a lost cause.

4th Captain and Land Speeders

In the odd occasion that the Chapter fights as one it divide it self into 2 seperate fleets;

the fast raiding force "Dragon's Breath"

8th Captain

and the slower Siege force "Dragon's Claw"

9th Captain and Devastators

each has it's own masters of the chapter and own way of battle.

Traditionally the Master of the Chapter: Templar Supreme Sholto Morag stands apart from the two masters of the chapter squads leading both with his Honour Guard.


the 1st company bear the terrible shame of killing the former master, 3/4 of their own and all the recruits stationed on the planet when they were ordered to commit exterminatus on their fortress world because the planet got infected with a chaos plague.

10th Captain and Scouts

Though it was a sacrifice the master willing gave the 1st company veterans feel that they can no longer wear the colours of their chapter instead adopting a grey, red and white scheme.

1st Captain and Vanguards

The 7th Company has strong ties with the Inquisition and are called upon by the chapter to clear any and all honour debts the chapter may have with the inquisition or other chapters.

7th Captain and Retinue

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Farseer


Terminator Angelus

Fabian Hildebrand cringed at the monitor; on the ground his men were being cut down by tau artillery while the terminators were being out manoeuvred and out gunned by the crisis suits as they tried to navigate their way through swamp.

To the sky; the mighty thunder hawks and drop pods were being shot down before their cargo could disembark thanks to the Tau's advanced anti air system.

To make matters worse the Tau had deployed a sophisticated teleport jamming system, the marines on ground had fallen into the cunningly planned trap with no hope for reinforcements...

In this hour of desperation Fabian told the techmarines to modify his Terminator armour for atmospheric re-entry. The techmarines set forth to modify his armour. They removed the teleport system to make way for a dual jumppack system and tweeked the shields to compensate for the extreme heat of atmospheric re-entry.

In his new Terminator suit Fabian gazed at the planet below.

Now it was time to bring the fight to the Tau...

Terminator Angelus