Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Terminator Angelus

Fabian Hildebrand cringed at the monitor; on the ground his men were being cut down by tau artillery while the terminators were being out manoeuvred and out gunned by the crisis suits as they tried to navigate their way through swamp.

To the sky; the mighty thunder hawks and drop pods were being shot down before their cargo could disembark thanks to the Tau's advanced anti air system.

To make matters worse the Tau had deployed a sophisticated teleport jamming system, the marines on ground had fallen into the cunningly planned trap with no hope for reinforcements...

In this hour of desperation Fabian told the techmarines to modify his Terminator armour for atmospheric re-entry. The techmarines set forth to modify his armour. They removed the teleport system to make way for a dual jumppack system and tweeked the shields to compensate for the extreme heat of atmospheric re-entry.

In his new Terminator suit Fabian gazed at the planet below.

Now it was time to bring the fight to the Tau...

Terminator Angelus

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