Monday, December 31, 2012

Updating the Tau

Well happy new year to one and all.

Just updating to Tau to 6th edition, however rather then writing a full fandex I've made a list of amendments and datasheets based on the 4th edition book so you will still need the book to use these lists.


Omit Honour Guard from the Ethereal's entry the new Bond Brothers will forefill that role.

Omit all Kroot and Vespid units; they are now allies and will have their own lists.

Move pathfinders from Fast Attack to Troops.

Add the Barracuda (Apocalypse) to Fast Attack; it has 3 Hull Points.

Caste Support
Fire Caste Bond Brothers
Earth Caste Engineer
Allied Detachment Kroot
Allied Detachment Vespid

Well I hope you enjoy these amendments.

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