Sunday, May 30, 2010

Constructing Chainsabres

As those who play Eldar will note a few of the Eldar kits fail to deliver certain pieces of equipment Chainsabres being one of them so here is how to convert your own Striking Scorpion Exarch with Chainsabres

What you will need:

1x Striking Scorpion Exarch body

1x Striking Scorpion Chainsword

1x Storm Guardian Chainsword

2x Shuriken pistols (preferably from a Dire Avengers kit)

1x 25mm round base



(I don't have the WIP anymore but I do have some photoshop magic)

first cut the ammo clips (!be careful here you will need the ammo clips later!) and grips off the pistols then file the area under the pistols body smooth.

Glue pistols to the outer forearms and use greenstuff to blend the pistols to the arms.

Glue ammo clips to the outer sides of the pistol (I put them slightly under the pistol but personal perference).

Glue Exarch body to base then glue arms to body.

Paint and base your new model

One I prepared earlier:






  1. Looks great! When I did mine, I just attached them upside-down, with the clip going out from the arm. Small pic, I know, but I think it looks good.

  2. I find that the upside-down barrels probably would look odd when stood next to any other warrior with gauntlet weaponry (e.g. dire Avengers). But all and all your method would prove less tricky. Ever tried to find an ammo clip on the carpet? Not fun I assure you lol.

  3. While not specifically an ammo clip, I've had to go searching for similarly small items. I feel that pain. ;)