Friday, July 9, 2010

The Future Eldar Codex: My Thoughts Pt 2

More thoughts on things I'd like to see changed for Eldar

Farseer Powers


instead of re-roll armour saves, re-roll successful to hit rolls against that unit in the opponents shooting phase.
This would better reflect the description and adds to the Eldars elusive nature.

Warlock Powers

Wraithsong (bongsinger)

pick a unit or vehicle within 6", if psychic test is passed then that unit gets +1 to all saving throws until the next Eldar turn (an unmodified 1 still fails though). If the target is a vehicle then -1 to dice rolls made on the vehicle damage chart (to the minimum of 1)until the next Eldar turn.

Court of the Young King

An addition to what I have previously wrote

Exarches may choose any wargear of their aspect but may not have any warrior powers.

Warriors of Khaine; the Court of the Young King and any Autarch with it have the Furious Charge and Counter Attack universal rules.

Warp Spiders

Surprise Assault: Warp Spiders get the Scout rule.


An expansion on what I previously wrote

5-10 Rangers

Wargear: Camocloak, Eldar Long Rifle, Shuriken Pistol

Special Rules: Fleet.


1 ranger may be upgraded to Pathfinder (+1WS,BS,I,A,Ld,Sv)

The Pathfinder may replace his long rifle with:
a Pinpoint Rifle
(Ap 1 on a 4+)
for 10pts

or a Prism Rifle:
(Rg:48" Str:X Ap:3 Heavy1Sniper) /
(Rg:48" Str:4 Ap:5 Heavy1Blast)
for 20pts.

may take a Poison Knife for 10pts

Warrior Powers:
Master of Stealth: Stealth, Infiltrate universal rules

Pathfinder: Scout, Move Through Cover universal rules


  1. To clarify, is it 1 unit of Rangers maybe be upgraded or 1 Ranger as in an upgrade character?

  2. the second; an individual ranger per a unit. Fluff wise Pathfinders are rare, so it makes no sense to be able to field an army of them.

  3. Ok, I'm more on board with the crazy weapons. I think that something like the pin point weapons will be factored into all of the Eldar Long Rifles in the Rending roll in order to streamline the rules. The to hit roll will be a basic to hit roll with a 5+ rending. It works out to be about the same or maybe a little better than having the current long rifle or pathfinder upgrades.

    With the Scout rule on the Pathfinder does that mean he is supposed to convey the Scout rule. At this point with Space Marine Scouts having both Infiltrate and Scout I think that almost everything that is supposed to be a skilled infiltration unit should have both Infiltrate and Scout.

  4. yes I meant convey the rules. True it does seem to be going down that way. how about this:

    Infiltrate,scout,move through cover as standard,

    Stealth and Ignore Terrain as warrior powers to convey to the team?

    that way there's no conflicting with Striking Scorpion warrior powers either.

  5. oh and a note on rending, it's on the to wound rolls now so eldar long rifles don't conflict with the rending rule.

    If fact the current Rangers effectively get 2 chances to score an armour piercing hit.

    With my suggestion of 1 pathfinder per a squad I figured they could be boosted almost back to their former 3rd ed glory (minus the fearless rule).

  6. Yeah, I know that the rend rule is on the wound and the long rifle rule is on the to hit. That doesn't really make long rifles good. The increased chance of a rend even for pathfinders is negligible and could be much more effectively represented and streamlined simply by effecting the rend roll in the to wound.

  7. yeah true, I think I'll just drop the pinpoint rifle idea. When the Prism rifle, Long rifle streamlining and +1 BS is factored there is little to have simular high Ap sniper weapons.

    unless of coarse the prism rifle becomes a strength 6 lance weapon instead of a sniper weapon thus the pinpoint rifle with the always rend rule would be a valid option.