Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eldar 6th Review

Well I've looked through the new Eldar codex and all I can say is... I told you so :P

To sum up the new codex in a nutshell:
  • The Avatar got buffed :P
  • Farseers got a slightly nerfed but that's ok, just means they're no longer the 'must have' of the army.
  • All other units have been buffed especially Aspect warriors who now no longer need Exarches to have special abilities (But Exarches have some cool new moves too.)
  • Pathfinders are now limited to armies that include Illic Nightspear but that's ok, it was a bit rich how I was milking them anyway.
  • New units: Spiritseer, Wraithblades, Wraithknight, Hemlock Wraithfighter and Crimson Hunter are all quite impressive.
However I will state for the record that I'm not impressed with:

A) Flakk Missiles, they are both cheap (as in added in the last second without even a name change to make them sound Eldar-like, cheap) and in short supply (Of all the missile launcher wielders only Warwalkers and Dark Reaper Exarches may take them) You know that could of least called them something more Eldar like a Starlight Missile and perhaps added the blind rule to bring it in line with the other two missiles: Plasma Missiles and Starshot Missiles.

B) Swooping Hawks, why? Because they're rules don't match the fluff. I am of coarse referring to the Statement of Baharroth being able to down enemy flyers, sure but with the odds of just scoring one hull point of damage being 1/6 you might as well being pissing into the wind.

If I was them I would of made Swooping Hawks able to swoop like a flying monstrous creatures
and launch special vector strikes with the haywire rule. Their grenade packs would then be used to do bombing runs.  But hey too late now and as a unit they are still pretty good.

Finally I could help but notice that some character that would work perfectly with the new rules were missing so just for fun I've made my own fandex supplement to add them in:

Eldar: The Lost Characters


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