Tuesday, April 26, 2011

6th Edition: Is GW digging a hole or redeeming themselves?

Rumours are that the 6th Edition for Warhammer 40k will be released some time next year. I'm sure a lot of people will moan that it's too soon for another edition others will complain about how their are still codices stuck in 3rd edition or are otherwise broken. some will see it as a waste of money, Quite a few may even quit the hobby altogether.

Quite simple with all the turmoil over the past couple of years and the price hikes Games Workshop is asking an aweful lot to get players to commit themselves to a new edition and it may be seen as corperate grave digging. However if they play their cards right they may actually restore the sinking reputation of their business.

For thoses that remember the 3rd edition release, the book contained not only the rules but some basic codices so that anyone could simply pick up and play. If they think along these lines they may restore WH40k to a playable game and avoid any major backlash.

However, With all the expansions to the rules it would be unlikely that they can fit them all so only the most basic Codices should be included:

Imperial Guard

These are for the most part only simple rewrites of current rules made to the point of being playable again or to hint what a future proper release would be like.
(I have Omitted Chaos on the basis that they are Spacemarines on the most part)

Another way they could redeem themselves is to release Beta Editions of the core Codices along side the Main Rulebook:

Beta Editions are basic rewrites for the most parts to keep the standard races playable

Beta Editions would be made to sate the customers need for new rules until future editions can be released.

So the question still remains will Games Workshop fix the foundations of their gaming empire or let it collapse on itself? Only time will tell...

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